Can’t Catch Me!

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A wicked, wild read-aloud romp from Timothy Knapman, author of Soon, and Simona Ciraolo, winner of the Sebastian Walker Prize, this is the story of Jake ... the fastest mouse there ever was. NO ONE can catch him. Not the fox, not the wolf, not even the bear. “Can’t catch me,” teases Jake. “I’m the fastest mouse in the world!” But cunning Old Tom Cat has his eye on that sweet, young mouse for his dinner and he’s got a plan…


“An absolute treat to read aloud… Great fun.”


 “This eye-catching picture book is brilliant for bedtime... We would recommend this book for any thrill-seeking child, especially one who loves animals.”

The Leeds Foodie

Brilliantly paced... a very entertaining story with some glorious illustrations to drive along the fast paced narrative.

Read It Daddy

“Expressive and energetic illustrations pair with a fun cumulative text in a mischievous story that begs to be read aloud.”


What Is That Book About

Can’t Catch Me! cover
April, 2017