Mungo and the Picture Book Pirates

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Every night Mungo reads his favourite story, a swashbuckling tale of danger, kidnap and rescue. But one night the hero, Captain Fleet, isn't there to save the day so Mungo takes a deep breath and bravely jumps into his very own pirate adventure. With a lot of courage and a little help from the Purple Berserker Bird, Mungo rescues Admiral Mainbrace and the plucky cabin girl Nora from the clutches of villainous Barnacle Bill and a host of horrible pirates 



"Thrilling adventure"
The Guardian

"Laugh-out-loud funny"
The Bookseller

This fantastic book

One of our favourite series... packed with exciting and colourful
illustrations and is great for promoting imagination and the love of
Yummy Mummy Club (Canada)

More bookish adventures here when the pirates in the bedtime story Mungo
loves come to life. Suddenly, armed only with a teddy bear, Mungo is the
hero of the swashbuckling adventures. Bold, cartoon style illustrations
make this a lively night time romp.

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Mungo and the Picture Book Pirates Cover
November, 2006