River Stories

River Stories cover

Sail along five mighty rivers around the world and open up the giant fold-out pages to reveal incredible stories from history, mythology and modern times.

This gorgeous gift book will take you on a world adventure via the world's greatest rivers. The Yangtze tells of dragons and dolphins, while the Rhine whispers about castles and Frankenstein. Explore pyramids, tombs and temples by the Nile, and search for lost cities and gold alongside the Amazon. And follow the Mississippi to hear of historic battles and dinosaurs.

 Gorgeously illustrated pages fold out to reveal the full length of each river. Make an epic journey from source to sea and soak up the rivers' amazing stories.

Egmont, February 2020
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Nominated for the North Somerset Teachers’ Book Awards 2020

"What an incredible book! ... An absolutely brilliant way to persuade newly independent readers that non-fiction can be for pleasure and not just facts and figures for research or topic work!" Reading Zone

There’s much of interest whether yours is history ancient or modern, geography, mythology or something else Timothy includes, and illustrators Aisling Lindsay and Irene Montano show in the engrossing, vibrant spreads that unfold to show the entire length of each river journey.

World stories to wallow in for sure. Red Reading Hub

River Stories takes you on five magical journeys along the Rhine, Nile, Mississippi, Amazon and Yangtze. Each River has a beautiful four page fold out that allows you to sail along each one and gain an understanding of how long these Rivers are. Along the way there are stories to enjoy from fairytales on the Rhine to lost cities and gold along the Amazon. This is a mesmerising book that can be enjoyed again and again! An absolute delight to explore. Books For Boys

The beautifully illustrated pages fold out to reveal the full length of the river and are full of stories, history and mythology on both sides- which our little readers just LOVED! 
Luggy Library

The illustrations are deep and vibrant, the cover drew my interest immediately. Each mighty river has its own page with it’s name, illustrated beautifully to match it’s surroundings and geographical location. The fold outs recreate the length of the rivers from source to sea, with stories along the way detailing truths, mysteries and adventures.

This is the kind of book to ignite a passion for travelling at any age! book.mother